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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: rag

A rag is a piece of cloth, especially one that is old or torn. In its plural form, rags are tattered or torn clothing. Informally, a rag is a newspaper or magazine thought of as being of low or poor quality. As a verb, also informally, it means…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: gush

To gush means ‘to flow out suddenly and with force,’ as liquids do when released from somewhere they have been contained. Figuratively, if a person talks too much and effusively or emotionally about something, that is also to gush, and if…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: toil

As an uncountable noun, toil is hard and exhausting work or, by extension, the result of such work. As a countable noun, it is a period of intensive work or a task requiring hard work. The verb to toil means ‘to engage in continuous hard work,’ but it can also mean…

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