Basic+ Word of the Day Contest

Winning Poem

I WOKE UP on Saturday and I received
the best present I have ever had,
it was a little present what I received
but the most special I’ve probably had.

It was a photo album of my HEALTHY family
so I opened it very carefully and slowly.
I REALIZED that life goes too fast
and we have to enjoy it until the last.

I hope you have a good New Year
and remember not to drink too much beer.
I wish you a Merry Christmas today
and be sure to subscribe to the Word of the Day.

By Isabel Alfonso, from Barcelona, Spain

Runners-up (those are people whose poems we like but who are not the first-place winner)

Susana, from Argentina
Samir Salmi, from Meknes, Morocco

Thank you, contest participants! We loved your poems. We will email the winner and runners-up. Happy holidays and happy new year from the Word of the Day team!

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Word of the Day is released Monday through Friday.

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