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Winning Poem

Which came and went without a FUSS
Which led to April, then to May,
And seemed would BUCKLE under us.

Three stars – and each with their own BEAM
They MERRILY PEERED down at me,
As QUEER as such a thing might seem,
And BECKONED in the Christmas tree.

What yuletide wizardry or SPELL
Has made us oh-so-soon averse
To first traversing turkey hell?

PLUCK of poultry, pick of LOT,
See first to whom the LABOR‘s DUE,
To whom the day is all for naught.
The rest? May dishes leave them BLUE!

WHIP and WHISK, BANTER in the dark,
The SPOILS are almost ours to boast
(Or to the floor upon a BARK)
And “no Saint Nick!” will be our TOAST.

Alas, the BINGE has made us BOW,
Our feet FLIPPED to the air, and then
With WEARY WAVES of fist avow
To never eat so much again!

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree,
So thick and LUSH to signal mirth;
Would that this pain would leave from me
But all that’s left to say is: “WORTH.”

By Jose Cazares, from Sacramento, CA, United States


Livier, from Grenoble, France
Hadjer Hope, from Hadjout, Algeria
Gianvito Contangelo, from Matera, Italy

We’d like to thank all of the Word of the Day Holiday Poem Contest participants. We enjoyed reading your poems so much that it was very hard to choose a winner. If you are the winner or runner-up, look out for our email; we will contact you soon about your prize. Congratulations!

Happy holidays and happy New Year from the WordReference Word of the Day team!

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