Basic+ Word of the Day: spin

spin (verb, noun) past tense: spun LISTEN

Spin means ‘to move in a circle.’

  • The dancer's skirt goes up when she spins.
  • The skater spun around on the ice.

A spin is a particular point of view, especially in the news.

  • After the presidential debate, each party put its own spin on the results.

Common uses

take for a spin: to take a short drive for pleasure. Example: “My brother let me take his new sportscar for a spin.”

Did you know?

A spin doctor is not a doctor at all. It’s a political or business operative who takes the facts of any situation and makes them look favorable for his interests.

In pop culture

A dreidel is a four-sided spinning toy that children play with during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Watch as 1000 people come together to set a new Guinness record for dreidel spinning.

There are other meanings of spin.

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