Basic+ Word of the Day: light

light (noun, verb) /past tense: lighted, lit/ LISTEN

Light is the brightness that makes things visible or something that gives off brightness.

  • Ryan walked through the forest with only the light of the moon to guide him.
  • When Anne entered the room, she turned on the light.

A light is also a device for starting a fire.

  • Do you have a light for my cigarette?

Light also means ‘to cause to become bright.’

  • The sun lights up the sky every morning.

Light can also mean ‘to cause to burn.’

  • We light candles when we have a romantic dinner.
  • Ted coughed when he lit his cigarette.

Common uses

bring to light: reveal. Example: “The newspaper story brought to light the government’s corruption.”

Did you know?

The Jewish holiday Hanukkah is also called the Festival of Lights. Jews celebrate by lighting candles in a menorah (candlelabra) for eight nights. To learn how to light a menorah, watch this video.

In pop culture

Sing along with The Doors classic “Light My Fire.” What do you think the title means?

There are other meanings of light.

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