Basic+ Word of the Day: approach

approach (verb, noun) past tense: approached LISTEN

"This is your captain speaking. We're coming in for the approach."

Approach means ‘to come nearer to.’

  • The train approached the station.
  • As summer approaches, the days are getting longer.

Approach also means ‘to make contact with, usually to start negotiations.’

  • The prosecutor approached the defendant with an offer.
  • The union approached the company with a compromise.

An approach is the method used to complete a task.

  • When dealing with a frightened child, use a calm approach.

An approach is also the act of approaching.

  • The easiest approach to the city is from the west.

Did you know?

In bowling, the approach is the four or five steps you take before releasing the ball. Watch this video to see how to do your approach successfully.

In pop culture

Approaching the Unknown is a movie about a man’s journey into space. The plan is for him to go to Mars. Will it happen? Watch the trailer.

There are other meanings of approach.
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