Basic+ Word of the Day: offspring

offspring (noun) LISTEN

Offspring are children or animals of particular parents; descendants.

  • If both parents have this trait, it may be passed to their offspring.
  • The racehorses' offspring is sure be valuable.
  • The offspring of a clone has the same genetic makeup as the parent.

How to use it

Offspring is both singular and plural.

Did you know?

Although offspring and child/children are synonyms, offspring usually refers to descendants (animal or human) in relation to their parents. Offspring is used when referring to the product of reproduction. It is acceptable to say, “The offspring of frogs are called tadpoles.” But it sounds very formal to say, “My offspring are playing outside.”

In pop culture

The Offspring is a punk rock band from California that has been making music since 1984. Watch the music video of their hit, “Why Don’t You Get a Job.”

There are other meanings of offspring.
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