Basic+ Word of the Day: ache

ache (verb, noun) past tense: ached LISTEN

Ache means ‘to have a continuous pain.’

  • Eleanor's knee aches during rain storms.
  • Exercise makes me ache all over my body.

Ache also means ‘to want something very much.’

  • After she quit smoking, Pat would ache for a cigarette with her morning coffee.
  • During the camping trip, Andrew ached for a hot shower.

An ache is a continuous pain.

  • When Debby runs fast, she often feels an ache in her side.

Common uses

Bellyache as a noun means ‘stomachache.’ Example: “I shouldn’t have eaten the whole pizza; now I have a bellyache.” But as a verb, it means ‘to complain or whine.’ Example: “Quit bellyaching and mow the lawn!”

Related words

The most common types of ache are headache, stomachache and toothache. You may seen these terms written as compound words (headache) or separate words (head ache). Both are acceptable.

In pop culture

Listen to No Doubt’s song “Ache” from their first album. What kind of ache does she have? Read the lyrics here.

There are other meanings of ache.
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