Basic+ Word of the Day: mist

mist (noun, verb) past tense: misted LISTEN

Mist is a mass of tiny drops of water or other liquid, that looks like fog.

  • The morning mist makes the forest look magical.
  • A mist of perfume filled the air as Sara prepared for her date.
  • The gardener sprayed a fine mist of water on the flowers.

To mist means ‘to (cause to) become misty.’

  • It wasn't really raining; it was misting.
  • Nancy mists her hair with water to make it curly.

Common uses

mist up: to be full of tears. Example: Heather’s eyes misted up when she watched the sad movie.

In pop culture

Here’s an oldie from 1946. Listen to the Pied Pipers singing “In the Moon Mist.”

There are other meanings of mist.

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