Basic+ Word of the Day: poor

poor (adjective) LISTEN

Poor means ‘having little or no money.’

  • Mary's family was poor when she was a child.
  • The rich have many advantages over the poor.

Poor also means ‘below the usual standard’ or ‘inferior.’

  • Dan's mother worried about his poor grades in school.
  • The poor workmanship of that table makes it very unstable.

Poor also means ‘unfortunate.’

  • Our poor dog was lost for several days.

Don't confuse it with

pour: to cause to flow from one container to another. Example: “Please pour the orange juice into glasses.”

Common uses

as poor as a church mouse: extremely poor. Example: “When my grandfather came to America, he was as poor as a church mouse.”

In pop culture

Listen to Eric Clapton and B. B. King singing “Help the Poor.”

There are other meanings of poor.
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