Basic+ Word of the Day: cheat

cheat (verb) past tense: cheated LISTEN

Cheat means ‘to behave dishonestly.’

  • The art dealer cheats his customers by selling reproductions as original art.
  • Amy's former employer cheated her out of her vacation pay.

Cheat also means ‘to violate rules or agreements.’

  • The enemy cheated during the weapons inspection.
  • The student cheated on her exam.
  • My grandpa cheats at poker.

Common uses

cheat on: to be sexually unfaithful to someone. Example: “Mildred cheated on her husband.”

Did you know?

A cheat sheet is a concise note usually written on a small piece of paper to help someone remember important points. Although someone may call their notes for a speech a cheat sheet, more often, a cheat sheet is used to cheat on a test.

Related words

cheater: someone who cheats. Example: “Cheaters will be banned from the casino.”

In pop culture

Tap your foot to Sam Cooke singing “I Ain’t Gonna Cheat on You No More.”

There are other meanings of cheat.
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