Basic+ Word of the Day: season

season (noun, verb) past tense: seasoned LISTEN

Autumn is my favorite season.

Seasons are the four main periods of the year.

  • During the winter season, many people like to ski.
  • Spring is the season of rebirth.

A season is also a time when certain conditions or activities take place.

  • Basketball season and hockey season are at the same time.
  • The planting season starts after the last frost.
  • It's difficult to find a hotel during the tourist season.

Season also means ‘to flavor food with salt, pepper, spices and herbs.’

  • If you season the steak a half hour before you grill it, it is more flavorful.

Common uses

in season: in the proper time or state for use. Example: “When apples are in season, we make cider.”

out of season: not in season. Example: “Stores now stock berries even when the are out of season here.”

In pop culture

Happiest season is a 2020 about a woman who struggles to come out to her conservative parents during Christmas season. Have you seen it?

There are other meanings of season.
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