Basic+ Word of the Day: storm

storm (noun, verb) past tense: stormed LISTEN

A storm is a weather condition that may include strong winds, rain, thunder, lightning, snow, etc.

  • The snow storm left huge piles of snow on all the roads.
  • It's not safe to go outside during a thunder storm.

A storm can also be a heavy, loud, emotional outburst of feelings.

  • There was a storm of tears and cries from the survivors.

Storm also means ‘to rain or snow heavily.’

  • When it stormed for three days straight, our basement flooded.

Common uses

storm out: to leave a place in anger. Example: “Phil stormed out of the room in a rage.”

Did you know?

A perfect storm is a rare combination of catastrophic, unpredictable events. Example: “The year 2008 was a perfect storm for the real estate market in the US.” This term can also literally refer to a severe weather condition that is a result of several meteorological factors.

In pop culture

Watch the trailer for the movie, “A Perfect Storm.”

There are other meanings of storm.
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