Basic+ Word of the Day: thirst

thirst (noun) LISTEN

Thirst is a feeling of dryness in the throat and mouth, cause by a need for liquid.

  • After working in the sun all day, Neville developed quite a thirst.
  • The lost hiker was dying of thirst when he reached the camp.

Thirst is also an eager desire or craving for something.

  • Theo's thirst for adventure took him to exotic places.
  • Many leaders have a thirst for power.

Common uses

thirst for knowledge: craving for knowledge. Example: “Because of his thirst for knowledge, Aiden spent his free time in the library.”

Related words

thirsty: having a feeling of thirst. Example: “I’m thirsty. What beers do you have?”

In pop culture

Listen to Kendrick Lamar sing, “Sing about Me, I’m Dying of Thirst.”

There are other meanings of thirst.
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