Basic+ Word of the Day: caution

caution (noun, verb) past tense: cautioned LISTEN

Caution is a warning against danger.

  • When you see a stop sign, stop, and then proceed with caution.
  • The policeman gave a caution to the driver about speeding.

Caution also means ‘to warn.’

  • Fran's mother cautioned her not to eat too much dessert.
  • The referee cautioned the player about his penalties.

Common uses

throw caution to the wind: to do something without worrying about the risk. Example: “Stan threw caution to the wind and flew the airplane without checking the fuel gauge.”

cautionary tale: a story that warns of danger. Example: “It’s a cautionary tale about people who spend money foolishly.”

Related words

cautious: showing or using caution. Example: “Ryan is always cautious when he comes home after midnight.”

In pop culture

Do you know the difference between danger, warning and caution? Take this quiz to test your knowledge:

There are other meanings of caution.
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