Basic+ Word of the Day: schedule

schedule (noun, verb) past tense: scheduled LISTEN

A schedule is a series of things to be done during a time period.

  • Fran's schedule included her appointments for the day.
  • The work schedule showed the workers on duty for each shift.
  • Marianne's schedule listed all her classes along with the times and classrooms.

A schedule is also a timetable.

  • The schedule was posted at the train station.

Schedule also means ‘to plan for a date or meeting.’

  • The dentist scheduled Judy's checkup for next Tuesday at 9:00AM.
  • Jane's book is scheduled for publication in April.
  • Let's schedule a lunch meeting to discuss your new project.

Common uses

on schedule: on time. Example: “Diana’s flight is on schedule.”

Did you know?

Watch the video and practice the American, British and Australian pronunciation of schedule. You’ll find that they are very different.

In pop culture

Listen to Sigrid sing “Schedules” and sing along!

There are other meanings of schedule.
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