Basic+ Word of the Day: return

return (verb, adjective, noun) past tense: returned LISTEN

"A return ticket, please."

If you return somewhere, it means that ‘you go back to somewhere that you were before.’

  • She didn’t return home until 11pm.

You usually buy a return ticket ‘when you want to go somewhere, and then come back again.’ In the US this may also be called a roundtrip ticket.

  • He bought a return ticket to Moscow.

We can use return when we want to talk about ‘the time that something comes back.’

  • We are waiting for the return of summer.

If you return something, it means that ‘you give it back to the person (or place) that had it before.’

  • I returned the book to the library.

In pop culture

Return of the Jedi is a movie in the Star Wars series. It’s called Return of the Jedi because now there are Jedi again – the Jedi were gone, but now they’re back. In this video from the movie, the Emperor is trying to kill Luke Skywalker. But in the end, it’s the Emperor who dies. Who do you think kills him?

There are other meanings of return.

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