Basic+ Word of the Day: knob

knob (noun) LISTEN

A knob is a handle, usually rounded, as on a door, a drawer, a radio, etc.

Example sentences

  • Fred turned the knob to open the door.
  • Andrew added antique knobs to the drawers on his desk.
  • Turn the volume knob clockwise to make the TV louder.

A knob is also a lump sticking out of a surface or at the end of something.

  • Our curtain rod has decorative knobs at each end.

Don't confuse it with

knock: to strike a blow that makes a noise. Example: “The doorbell is broken; knock on the door.”

Did you know?

Celery root is sometimes called knob celery because the root is shaped like a knob. Here is a video that gives you a few quick tips about preparing knob celery puree.

In pop culture

Do you ever worry about who touched that door knob last? Watch the animated short film Knob.

There are other meanings of knob.
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