Basic+ Word of the Day: guest

guest (noun, adjective) LISTEN

Guests at a hotel.

A guest is a person who visits your home. It can also be someone who you invite to a party or celebration.

  • Some guests are coming to our house this weekend.
  • There were 100 guests at the party.

A guest is someone who is staying at a hotel.

  • We ask that guests leave the hotel by 11:00am.

Don't confuse it with

If you guess something, it means that you don’t know the answer but you give your opinion.

Common uses

If someone asks if they can do something, we often say, “Be my guest.” This means that they can do it. For example, “Can I use your phone?” “Be my guest!”

In pop culture

In the classic Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, the characters sing the song Be Our Guest to Belle to make her feel welcome.

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