Basic+ Word of the Day: release

release (verb, noun) past tense: released LISTEN

Release the balloons!

Release means ‘ to let go.’

  • The prisoner was released after his 10 year sentence.
  • The submarine released the torpedo.
  • During the antiwar demonstration, a flock of doves was released.

Release also means ‘to publish or to allow to be known, etc.’

  • Jane's book will be released on April 30.
  • The company released a statement about the merger.

A release is the freeing from a burden.

  • For Anthony, running is a release of his tension of the day.

Common uses

press release: an official statement given to the media on a specific topic. Example: “The company issued a press release announcing the name of their new president.”

release date: the date on which a product, publication, movie, etc. will be released, usually announced in advance. Example: “The release date for the new smart phone is October 1.”

In pop culture

Listen to Dean Martin singing “Release Me.” What does he want to be released from?

There are other meanings of release.

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