Basic+ Word of the Day: warm

warm (adjective, verb) past tense: warmed LISTEN

Warm feet.

If something is warm, it means that it is a little bit hot, or almost hot.

  • It’s cold outside, but it’s warm in here!

If clothes are warm, it means that you will be warm when you wear them. We wear warm clothes in cold weather.

  • You’ll need a warm coat for winter.

We can also use warm to talk about people who are very friendly.

  • She was a very warm person.

If you warm something, it means that you make it hotter, so that it becomes warm.

  • I warmed my hands by the fire.

In pop culture

Do you know Bear Grylls? He teaches people about eating and sleeping outside, in places where there aren’t other people. This video is about how you can stay warm when you have to sleep outside.

There are other meanings of warm.

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