Basic+ Word of the Day: clear

clear (adjective, adverb, verb) LISTEN

Clear water

If something is clear, it means that you can see through it.

  • The water was very clear so we could see all the fish.

Clear can mean that you can hear something or see something well.

  • The words in my book are clearer when I put my glasses on.

Or it can also mean that you can understand something.

  • Her answers to my questions were always very clear.

If you clear something, it means that you take things off it, so that it is clean and tidy.

  • I’ll help you clear the table.

In pop culture

Did you know that in China you can walk across a bridge made from glass? It is the highest and longest glass bridge in the world. The glass is clear, so you can see through it. In this video, you can see some people on the bridge. They look scared! Would you like to walk on this bridge?

There are other meanings of clear.

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