Basic+ Word of the Day: dessert

dessert (noun) LISTEN

A dessert is a sweet food, like cake or ice cream, that you eat at the end of your meal.

  • My favorite dessert is hot cherry pie with vanilla ice cream.
  • When you're on a diet, you may want to avoid desserts, unless you have fresh fruit.

Don't confuse it with

A desert is a very dry region. For example: the Sahara Desert. As a verb it means ‘to run away.’ For example: ‘The soldier deserted his army base.”

Did you know?

In the US, the final sweet course of a meal is always called dessert. In the UK, sometimes they call it dessert and sometimes pudding. Dessert is usually more posh and pudding may be more rustic or homemade.

In pop culture

Watch these girls make new desserts from items they buy at McDonald’s. Which dessert is your favorite?

There are other meanings of dessert.

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