Basic+ Word of the Day: agree

agree (verb) past tense: agreed LISTEN

We agree.

If you agree with someone, it means that you and that person think the same thing.

  • She thinks it’s a bad plan, and I agree with her.

If two or more people agree that something is true, or agree about something, it means that they all think the same thing.

  • They all agreed that it was a great movie.
  • We agree about everything.

If two or more people agree on something, it means that they all say that it is OK.

  • Can we agree on this price?

In pop culture

In this video from The Simpsons, Principal Skinner and one of the teachers are talking at a meeting. The teacher says that the school should spend more money on things for the children, and the people at the meeting agree with her. But Principal Skinner says that the school doesn’t have money for that, and the people agree with him too! Do the people and Principal Skinner agree about anything in the end?

There are other meanings of agree.

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