Basic+ Word of the Day: host

host (noun, verb) past tense: hosted LISTEN

The host showed us to our table.

A host is a person who entertains or receives guests.

  • Ellen loves to stay at her aunt and uncle's house because they are such welcoming hosts.
  • When Roberta arrived for dinner, her host met her at the door.

A host can also be a person who introduces a TV or radio show and interviews guests.

  • For many years, David Letterman was the host of the Tonight Show in the US.

To host means ‘to be the host of a dinner, reception, TV show, etc.’

  • Jimmy Kimmel hosted the Academy Awards in 2017.
  • Melissa's parents hosted Christmas dinner every year.

Did you know?

The animal or plant from which a parasite gets nutrition is called a host. For example, a dog is a host for fleas.

Related words

Host is also a sacramental bread used in the Christian ritual of the Eucharist.

Hostess is the feminine of host.

In pop culture

The Host is a movie about extra terrestrials who invade Earth and inhabit humans’ bodies. The humans are the hosts to the invaders. Watch the trailer here.

There are other meanings of host.

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