Basic+ Word of the Day: usual

usual (adjective) LISTEN

"They're late, as usual."

If something is usual, it means that it is what usually happens.

  • This weather is usual for June. (=We normally have this weather in June.)

Common uses

When someone does something that they usually do, and we want to say that we aren’t happy about it, we sometimes say, “As usual.” For example, “She’s late. As usual.”

Related words

If something is unusual, it means that it isn’t normal, and that it doesn’t happen very often. For example, “That’s a very unusual hat she’s wearing.” (=That hat is very different from most hats./People don’t normally wear hats like that.)

In pop culture

Sleeping Beauty is a Disney movie about a princess who has to sleep until her true love comes and kisses her. In this video from the movie, a fairy is making a cake for the princess’s birthday. She’s never made a cake before, and she isn’t very good at it. When it’s finished, one of the other fairies says, “It’s a very unusual cake.” Why do you think she says this: because she’s angry, or because she wants to be nice?

There are other meanings of usual.
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