Basic+ Word of the Day: box

box (noun, verb) past tense: boxed LISTEN

A box is a container with stiff sides and often a lid.

  • Sara wrapped the gift box with fancy paper and a ribbon.
  • When Carl moved to his new house, he put his books in boxes.

A box is also a small, partly enclosed area in a theater where people can watch the performance.

  • The president's family had box seats for the opera.

Box means ‘to put in a box.’

  • When Lola quit her job, she boxed all of her personal items and left quickly.

Box can also mean ‘to fight with fists.’

  • The two fighters entered the ring and boxed 10 rounds.

Did you know?

Boxing Day, December 26, is the day when people traditionally go to stores to return the Christmas presents (which were in gift boxes) that they can’t use. It is a bank holiday in the UK and some other countries.

In pop culture

Some people feel sad after Christmas. Listen to this song, “Boxing Day,” by Blink 182. Why do they find Boxing Day sad?

There are other meanings of box.

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