Basic+ Word of the Day: save

save (verb) past tense: saved LISTEN

"Save me!"

If you save someone, it means that you help them when they are in danger.

  • “Help! I can’t swim!” “I’ll save you!”

If you save, it means that you keep some money, because you will probably want it or need it later.

  • I’m saving to buy a car.

If you save something, it means that you keep it to use it later.

  • I’m saving that bottle of wine for my birthday.

If you save something, for example on a computer, it means that you put a copy of it there, so that you can look at it again later.

  • I saved all my vacation photos on a USB.

In pop culture

Do you know the song “Save Tonight” by Eagle-Eye Cherry? It’s about a man who has to leave the next day and he won’t see his girlfriend for a long time. He wants their last night together to be special. When he sings, “Save tonight,” he means that they should make the night special, so that they can keep it in their memories and remember it later. Listen for these words in the song: “Tomorrow comes to take me away / I wish that I, that I could stay / But girl, you know I’ve got to go.”

There are other meanings of save.

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