Basic+ Word of the Day: funny

funny (adjective) LISTEN

A funny guy

If something is funny, it means that it makes people laugh.

  • We saw a really funny movie last night.
  • I thought the joke was funny but nobody laughed.

If something is strange or odd, it’s also funny.

  • My car is making a funny noise.
  • There was a funny smell in the library.

Did you know?

The funny bone is the part of your elbow that hurts a lot if you hit it.

Related words

The funnies, always in the plural, are the comic strips you can see in newspapers.

In pop culture

Watch Johnny Mathis and Natalie Cole sing “Small World.” They talk about how funny it is that they are very similar. Which meaning of funny do you think this song talks about?

There are other meanings of funny.

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