Basic+ Word of the Day: shock

shock (noun, verb) past tense: shocked LISTEN

A shock is a sudden disturbance in the mind or feelings due to something unpleasant and unexpected.

  • The musician's death came as a shock to his fans.

A shock is also a serious condition in which blood circulation is reduced.

  • He was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for shock.

A shock can be the effect of an electric current passing through the body.

  • When Thomas walked across the carpet, he felt a shock.

To shock means ‘to have a strong effect of surprise or horror.’

  • The surprise ending of the play shocked the entire audience.

To shock can also mean ‘to give an electric shock.’

  • Turn off the electricity before repairing the refrigerator so you won't be shocked.

Common uses

Shock absorbers are car parts that minimize the effect of vibrations while you are driving.

In pop culture

Would you like a biology lesson on shock? Watch this Khan Academy video, “What is shock? Circulatory System and Disease.”

There are other meanings of shock.

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