Basic+ Word of the Day: set

set (verb) past tense: set LISTEN

The sun is setting.

If you set something, it means that ‘you change something on a machine, because you want it to do something later.’

  • I need to set my alarm for 5am tomorrow.

If you set a clock or watch, it means that ‘you change it, because it is showing the wrong time.’

  • I had to set my watch to the correct time.

If you set the table, it means that ‘you put plates, knives and forks on it, because you want to eat there.’

  • Dinner is almost ready. Can you set the table?

If the sun is setting, it means that ‘it is going down, and soon it will be night.’

  • The sun sets in the west.

Related words

Sunset is the time when the sun is setting. For example, “What a beautiful sunset!”

In pop culture

Back to the Future is a movie about a boy who travels through time with a scientist called Doc. In this video from the movie, Marty is at Doc’s house. Marty thinks it’s 8am, because Doc set his clocks to the wrong time, but it’s 8:25 and he’s late for school! How does Marty get to school?

There are other meanings of set.

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