Basic+ Word of the Day: faith

faith (noun) LISTEN

Faith means ‘belief in God or the teachings of a religion.’

  • The rabbi's faith helped her provide comfort to the hurricane victims.

Faith also means ‘confidence or trust in a person or thing.’

  • Phil had faith that his son would pay back the money he owed.
  • Doreen had faith that doing yoga would relieve her stress.

A faith can be a system of religious beliefs.

  • Members of the Christian faith celebrate Christmas and Easter.

Common uses

in good faith: in an honest, fair and ethical manner. Example: “Ron acted in good faith when he sold you that car.”

Did you know?

“Keep the faith, baby,” a quote by Adam Clayton Powell in 1967, became a popular saying in the US Civil Rights movement. It means that people should continue to have faith in the movement and fight for justice.

In pop culture

Sing along with Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande to the song “Faith” from the movie Sing.

There are other meanings of faith.
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