Basic+ Word of the Day: update

update (verb, noun) past tense: updated LISTEN

Let me update you before you start working.

Update means ‘to add new information.’

  • After her business trip, Frances updated her expense report.
  • The surgeon updated his colleagues on the latest techniques.

An update is new or current information used in updating.

  • The project manager gave the team an update of the week's activities.

An update is also a new or updated version.

  • Charlie downloaded the software update.
  • You're using last year's manual; let me send you an update.

Did you know? has a Language Forum where you can ask questions about English usage. One thread discusses the difference between updated and up-to-date. You can read it here.

In pop culture

“Weekend Update” is a satirical news feature on the US TV show Saturday Night Live. In this clip, you can see Eddie Murphy as a guest:

There are other meanings of update.
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