Basic+ Word of the Day: glossy

glossy (adjective) LISTEN

Glossy means ‘having a shiny, bright surface.’

  • Adele's hair is always glossy after she shampoos.
  • When Bill waxes his car, it has a glossy finish.
  • The glossy vase is prettier than the vase with the matte finish.

Glossy also refers to magazines or photos printed on glossy paper.

  • Florence printed glossies of her vacation pictures and put them on her wall.
  • The glossy magazine shows super models wearing fall fashions.

Common uses

Lip gloss is a type of lipstick. Lip gloss is glossier than regular lipstick.

Did you know?

Since glossy refers to the surface of an item, it can mean superficial. In other words, someone or something can be glossy on the outside–having the appearance of luxury or sophistication–but not on the inside. Example: “The glossy fashion model went home to her one-room basement apartment.”

In pop culture

Watch Lil Mama and her magical lip gloss.

There are other meanings of glossy.
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