Basic+ Word of the Day: lid

lid (noun) LISTEN

A lid is a removable cover for a container, such as a pot, jar, or box.

  • When Michelle removed the lid of the box, she saw a beautiful knit blanket inside.
  • Max opened the lid on the pickle jar for his grandmother.

A lid can also be an eyelid (the skin covering the eye).

  • Jenny put brown eye shadow on her lids.

A lid can also be a restraint or limit on spending.

  • The accounting department put a lid on expenses for the rest of the year.

Common uses

flip my lid: become crazed or lose control. Example: “If another person spells ‘it’s’ wrong, I’ll flip my lid!”

Did you know?

You have a jar of premium chocolate sauce and you can’t open the lid. What to do? Watch this video:

In pop culture

Watch this old comedy routine “Where Is the Lid,” with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

There are other meanings of lid.

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