Basic+ Word of the Day: just

just (adverb, adjective) LISTEN

Use just when something happened only a moment ago.

  • I just got home.
  • The movie is just ending.

Just can also mean ‘exactly.’

  • That's just what I need.

If something is just, it is fair, reasonable and lawful.

  • A just society treats all people equally.
  • The criminal received a just punishment.

Just can also mean ‘only.’

  • Fred is just a child; he can't babysit for his little sister.
  • Just give me the basic facts; I don't need details.

Common uses

Just about: almost or nearly. For example: The cake is just about ready; it just needs a cherry on top.

In pop culture

Listen to this song, “Something Just Like This.” Which meaning of just applies here?

There are other meanings of just.
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