Basic+ Word of the Day: bill

bill (noun) LISTEN

A bill is a statement of money to be paid for goods or services.

  • Sheila pays her credit card bill as soon as she receives it.
  • Ellen called customer service to have them correct her phone bill.

A bill is also a piece of paper currency.

  • Do you have change for a $20 bill?

A bill can also be a proposed new law.

  • They expect the spending bill to pass both houses of the legislature by a slim majority.

Did you know?

The beak of a bird is called a bill and because the visor of a cap is shaped like a bird’s beak, it is also called a bill.

In pop culture

“Bills, Bills, Bills” is a song about someone who expects his partner to pay his bills. That’s never a good basis for a relationship! Watch the cast of Glee cover this Destiny’s Child song:

There are other meanings of bill.

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