Basic+ Word of the Day: casual

casual (adjective) LISTEN

It's casual Friday at work.

Casual clothing is worn for informal occasions.

  • Carl wore a casual shirt with an open collar.

Casual can mean ‘informal.’

  • Bobby had a casual air about him that made him easy to talk to.
  • The restaurant has a casual atmosphere.

Casual also means ‘without serious intention.’

  • Don't take it so seriously; it was only a casual remark.

Common uses

casual sex: a sexual relationship without a romantic commitment. Example: “They were only interested in casual sex, but found out they really cared for each other.”

Did you know?

Some jobs require you to dress in business clothes. Other jobs have a business casual policy. That means you can wear neat looking clothing but are not required to wear suits or dresses. Sometimes, jeans are permitted. In some offices, jeans are permitted only on casual Fridays.

Related words

casualty: one who is injured or killed in an accident. Example: “The tornado caused 40 casualties.”

In pop culture

Watch the trailer for the Hulu series Casual about a divorcee who decides to try casual sex.

There are other meanings of casual.

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