Basic+ Word of the Day: saucer

saucer (noun) LISTEN

Cup and saucer

A saucer is a small, round dish for holding a cup.

  • After brewing his tea, George placed the teabag in the saucer.
  • The old woman filled the saucer with milk so her cat could drink it.
  • Mother sets the table with a cup and saucer to the right of each plate.

A saucer can also be something shaped like a saucer.

  • The little boy's big, dark eyes were saucers on his face.

Common uses

flying saucer: an aircraft shaped like a saucer, flown by aliens. “The man told the children that he was captured by aliens and taken to another galaxy on a flying saucer.”

In pop culture

Do you think the world is scary now? Imagine being a kid in 1956 and seeing the movie Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. Watch the attack on Washington DC here:

There are other meanings of saucer.

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