Basic+ Word of the Day: rubber

rubber (noun, adjective) LISTEN

Rubber bands

Rubber is an elastic solid that is made from the milky juice of rubber trees.

  • Car tires are made of rubber.
  • There is a rubber bath mat in the shower to prevent falls.

Rubber is also specific items made of rubber.

  • Tom's grandfather wears rubbers over his shoes in rainy weather.
  • The student used a rubber to erase a misspelled word.

As an adjective, rubber means ‘made of, or containing rubber.’

  • Rachel ties her hair with a rubber band.
  • Mike wears rubber flip-flops at the beach.

Did you know?

Rubber is a slang term for a condom, a birth control device placed over a penis.

A rubber match is a deciding contest when a series of games or matches is tied.

Related words

rubberneck: to look with curiosity, often twisting the neck. Example: “The drivers rubbernecked when they passed the accident on the highway.”

In pop culture

Listen to “Norwegian Wood,” a classic song from the Beatles’ album Rubber Soul.

There are other meanings of rubber.
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