Basic+ Word of the Day: fact

fact (noun) LISTEN

A fact is something real and true.

  • It's a fact that the sun rises in the east.
  • You should get your facts straight before you form an opinion.
  • Jenny's parents finally accept the fact that she is not interested in marriage.

Common uses

as a matter of fact: in truth (used to emphasize a fact). Example: “Do you exercise every week?” “As a matter of fact, I work out at the gym every morning.”

after the fact: after something has occurred. Example: “You can’t change the terms of our contract after the fact.”

A fact checker is someone who verifies the details of a news story or other factual reference. In these days of “fake news” there are several websites dedicated to fact checking.

In pop culture

Facing up to the facts means ‘accepting and dealing with the facts of a situation.’ Listen to The Jesus and Mary Chain singing “Facing up to the Facts.”

There are other meanings of fact.
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