Basic+ Word of the Day: blend

blend (verb, noun) past tense: blended LISTEN

If you blend blue and red, you get purple.

Blend means ‘to mix together.’

  • Blend the flour and eggs together.
  • Add mustard to oil and vinegar to blend the salad dressing.

A blend is made by combining things together.

  • This coffee blend reminds me of chocolate.
  • A blend of the soprano and baritone voices makes a harmonious duet.
  • The soup is a blend of roasted vegetables and herbs.

Common uses

blended family: a family consisting of a couple with children from previous relationships as well as their own. Example: “Sharon and Rick had a blended family of six children.”

Related words

blender: an electric mixing machine that blends liquid and solid foods into various textures. Example: “Ted put a banana, spinach and apple juice into his blender to make a drink every morning.”

In pop culture

Watch this Twinings Tea video on how to make a tasty tea blend:

There are other meanings of blend.
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