Basic+ Word of the Day: mingle

mingle (verb) past tense: mingled LISTEN

Mingle means ‘to mix with other people in company.’

  • Greta mingled with her guests at the party.
  • After the sales presentation, the sales staff mingled with the customers.

Mingle also means ‘to mix or combine.’

  • The winning team's shouts of joy mingled with the groans of the losers.
  • The old man's story mingled fact with fiction.

Common uses

single and ready to mingle: not in a relationship and interested in meeting people. Example: “After Jeff’s divorce, he was single and ready to mingle.”

In pop culture

Christian Mingle is a movie about a couple who meet through a Christian dating website. Do you think they are believers? Watch the trailer:

There are other meanings of mingle.
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