Basic+ Word of the Day: slight

slight (adjective, verb) past tense: slighted LISTEN

"There will be a slight delay."

Slight means ‘small in amount, degree or importance.’

  • There is a slight chance of rain tomorrow.
  • The slight difference between the two versions of the story is not significant.
  • Helen found a slight error in the essay.

Slight also means ‘thin or slender.’

  • The petite woman was slight and had delicate features.

Slight can also mean ‘to treat someone as if they are unimportant.’

  • Ellen felt slighted when she was not invited to her friend's wedding.

Common uses

not in the slightest: not at all. Example: “Are you nervous about giving your speech?” “Not in the slightest.”

Related words

slightly: to a small degree. Example: “Amy was slightly overweight after she had the baby.”

In pop culture

Watch Queen sing “I’m Going Slightly Mad.” Does the singer seem slightly mad or very mad?

There are other meanings of slight.
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