Basic+ Word of the Day: fluff

fluff (noun, verb) past tense: fluffed LISTEN

My puppy is a ball of fluff.

Fluff is light particles like cotton or feathers.

  • After the pillow fight, there was fluff all around the bedroom.

Fluff is also something frivolous and not substantial.

  • That romance novel is pure fluff--perfect for vacation.
  • The politician's speech was all fluff and no substance.

Fluff also means ‘to make fluffy.’

  • Michelle fluffs up her hair after she shampoos.
  • The maid fluffed up the pillows when she made the bed.

Related words

fluffy: light or airy. Example: “The clouds were white and fluffy.”

Did you know?

Watch Gemma make homemade marshmallow fluff. Yum!

In pop culture

Gabriel Jesus Iglesias is an American comedian known as Fluffy. Watch the trailer for The Fluffy Movie:

There are other meanings of fluff.
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