Basic+ Word of the Day: theme

theme (noun) LISTEN

Kids love to visit theme parks.

A theme is the subject of a talk or piece or writing.

  • The theme of the rabbi's sermon was social justice.
  • The book's theme is the American dream.

A theme is also the unifying idea, as in a work of art.

  • The art exhibit's theme was "Anti-war Graffiti of the '60s."
  • Four-year-old children like birthday parties with a superhero theme.
  • The theater company usually performs a play with a holiday theme in December.

Don't confuse it with

them: the form of the pronoun, they, used as an object. Example: “Let them eat cake.”

Did you know?

A theme song is a song associated with a TV show or movie. Years after your favorite series ends, you probably still remember the song that was played at the beginning or end of the show.

In pop culture

Many people love the theme song from the original Ghostbusters movie. This song was so popular that it was number one on the “Billboard Hot 100” for three weeks in 1984. You can sing along. The lyrics are in the comments.

There are other meanings of theme.
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