Basic+ Word of the Day: show

show (verb, noun) past tense: showed LISTEN

The show is about to start.

If you show someone something, it means that ‘you make it possible for them to see it.’

  • Later I’ll show you the photos from our vacation.

A show is ‘something that you go to see,’ for example at the theater. People act, dance, or do other interesting things.

  • I went to see a great show last night.

A show can also be ‘something that you watch on TV, or listen to on the radio.’

  • Friends was one of my favorite TV shows.

Related words

If someone is in show business, it means that ‘they work in television, radio, films or the theater.’ For example, “She worked in show business for 25 years.”

In pop culture

There’s No Business Like Show Business is a musical film about people who want to be famous. In this video, you can listen to the song from the movie with the same name. When the woman sings, “There’s no business like show business,” she means that she thinks show business is the best kind of business.

There are other meanings of show.
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