Basic+ Word of the Day: wasp

wasp (noun) LISTEN

A wasp is a slender insect with a narrow abdomen and a powerful sting.

  • Yellow jackets and hornets are two types of wasps.
  • Some wasps pollinate plants.
  • Other wasps kill other insects, making them important in pest control.

Did you know?

A Wasp or WASP is a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant. This term usually connotes white people who are privileged and upper middle class in the US. Example: “Most of the students at that private school are Wasps.”

In pop culture

The Wasp is a Marvel Comic superheroine and one of the original Avengers. She can shrink to just a few centimeters and attack her enemies with fire blasters. She is featured in the 2018 movie Ant-Man and the Wasp. Watch the trailer.

There are other meanings of wasp.
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