Basic+ Word of the Day: join

join (verb) past tense: joined LISTEN

Let's join hands.

Join means ‘to come together’ or ‘to unite.’

  • Let's join hands and dance.
  • The two rivers join before they reach the sea.
  • Please join us as we sing the chorus.

Join also means ‘to become a member of a club or organization.’

  • Robert joined the chess club at school.
  • Alice joined the gym for strength training.

Common uses

join in: to take part in. Example: “Come to the party and join in the fun!”

join forces: come together for a specific purpose. Example: “If both research teams join forces, perhaps they can find a cure for this disease sooner.”

Related words

joint: the place where two bones are joined. Example: “The knee is a joint between the upper and lower leg.”

In pop culture

Watch this scene from The Simpsons of a commercial that tricks people into joining the navy by spelling it backwards.

There are other meanings of join.
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