Basic+ Word of the Day: eager

eager (adjective) LISTEN

"I'm eager to meet my baby."

Eager means ‘having or showing strong desire or interest.’

  • Joanne is eager to start her new job.
  • When you are negotiating the price of a car, don't act too eager.
  • The eager audience laughed too loudly at the comedian's jokes.

Common uses

eager beaver: someone who is enthusiastic and hard working. Example: “My boss is a real eager beaver; I need a cup of coffee before I can face her in the morning.”

Did you know?

Eager to and look forward to mean the same thing but have different levels of intensity. If you say, “I’m eager to see the new movie,” you’re probably going to see it the day it comes out. If you say, “I’m looking forward to seeing the new movie,” you want to see it, but maybe you’ll wait until it’s online.

Related words

eagerly:¬†Example: “I eagerly await your arrival tomorrow!”

In pop culture

Listen to Johnny Burnette sing about his “Eager Beaver Baby.” Do you think he likes that she is so eager?

There are other meanings of eager.
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